On the Origin of Russian nesting dolls goes a lot of legends.

            On one of them, has become the prototype dolls figurine of Saint Fukuruma, imported from Japan. It is a statue of a sage with a 5-Tew attachments.  Russian master, seeing this work, machined from a tree like figures of different sizes, and the artist in their own way they painted. The result was the first Russian nesting doll - the girl in the national costume. Toy consisted of eight nested within one figures. Regarding the name, at the time a woman's name Matrona was very common. Hence the name.

             According to another legend, there was a Russian nesting doll from India. Sage of ancient India Daruma loved to meditate, looking at figures wooden dolls Embedded into each other. As for the name, the title of "Matryoshka" suspiciously coincides with the ancient Indian word "Matri", which translates as a mother.

              There is one legend, according to which if put inside a piece of paper dolls with a wish, it will certainly be fulfilled. And what a great effort was made doll, the more force was spent on painting the faster wish should be granted.

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